Our Polish service removes



   General signs of wear

   Polish and restore the outside of the watch, removing scratches and dents and    

   restoring the finish to factory.

   Refinish all parts of the watch, bezel, crystal and more.

    Water Testing

   The water resistant quality of our timepieces comes in varying degrees, from non-water resistant to 20 BAR (ATM).  When a piece is new, it meets the specifications for water resistance as indicated on the case back. However, as the watch ages, the gaskets which seal the watch become dry and brittle diminishing its water resistant quality. Exposure to environments such as chlorinated pools, salt water or soaps from showering can accelerate drying of the gaskets. We recommend that the gaskets be changed at least every 18 months to maintain the water resistant quality of your timepiece

    With every service we restore the watch to its original water resistance level.

    Replacement all gasket , crowns , crystal gaskets and push buttons or (gaskets) 


  It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a Quartz or Automatic time piece , your watch is going to wear down. Moisture, dust, breaking down of the oils can impact moving parts, and can cause your watch to run at less than its best.

  Just like with any machinery, preventative maintenance and upkeep goes a long ways. To keep your watch running smoothly day-in and day-out, send it in regularly every 3 to 5 years for a professional service.